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Montgomery, AL’s Home for Pebbles, Rocks & Stones

If you have a dry creek bed, landscaping project, or property drainage issue that calls for pebbles, rocks, and stones in Montgomery, AL, bring your material needs to Froggy Bottom Materials. We keep a wide selection of products for maintaining and enhancing your outdoor space. From mulches to special seasonal items, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of stone products will suit any job in the River Region and surrounding areas.

A Wide Array of Stone & Gravel

Froggy Bottom Materials has a vast selection of stones, rocks, and pebbles available for commercial and residential projects, including:

River Flats

Tennessee River Flats come from the rivers of Tennessee. They are a smooth rock and are available from small rocks up to boulder size, approximately 3 - 12 inches.

Mexican Beach
Mexican Beach Pebbles

Our Mexican Beach Pebbles are hand picked from the beaches of Mexico. They come in two colors and sizes: 1-3 inch and 2-4 inch.

Crimson 8910
Crimson 8910
Med. Crimson
Medium Crimson Rock

Medium Crimson Rock is used in flower beds or other landscaped areas.

Lg. Crimson
Large Crimson Rock

Large Crimson rock is ideal for gardens and landscape accents.

River Rock - Shot Rock
River Blend
River Blend
River Rock - Pea Gravel

3/8" small gravel used for walkways and for french drains to improve drainage.

"Oversized" River Rock
#67 River Rock
#4 Medium River Rock
Small Tennessee River Rock

One to two inch sized stones collected from streams in Tennessee. Used in flower beds, landscaped areas, or water featers including drainage swells.

Tennessee Large
Large Tennessee River Rock
Large Indian Creek Gravel

Two to six inch mulitcolored stones shipped from Indiana. Used in flower beds, water features and other landscaped areas.

Small Indian Creek Gravel

One to two inch mulitcolored stones shipped from Indiana. Used in flower beds, water features and other landscaped areas.

White Marble
White Marble

White Marble is ideal for gardens, pathways and landscape accents.

8910 Limestone

A fine crushed limestone mixed with powder that packs down for walkways.

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3/4 inch Crusher Run Limestone

3/4" crushed limestone with powder that packs down for driveways and parking pads.

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67 Limestone

3/4" to 1" Limestone used on driveways and for walkways. Sometimes used to "top" crusher run driveways once the crusher run sets up.

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Limestone 24
Limestone 24
#4 Limestone

Up to 2" limestone. Used for roads and drainage issues.

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Place Your Order Today!

Froggy Bottom Materials is ready to serve you with our inventory of pebbles, rocks, and stones for landscaping and property maintenance in Montgomery, AL and throughout the River Region. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our products.

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