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Indoor & Outdoor Accessories

Your space should be a reflection of your own style, in which you can find beauty and comfort. Froggy Bottom Materials carries a vast selection of stones, soil, sand, mulch, and plant life to enhance the aesthetics and help maintain the condition of your property. We also provide customers in River Region with indoor and outdoor accessories to personalize your spaces. A bare back deck with vacant walls and corners doesn’t really help make your time outside a comfortable experience. With our variety of unique and decorative pots, figurines, furniture, and knick-knacks, you can make your yard and patio truly your own.

various outdoor/indoor accessories

Various Decorative Items for Homes

One of the most fun and personal ways to make your property unique is to accessorize your space. A nice table and chair on the back patio can really make the outdoors a homier environment, while a row of potted flowers along the edge of your deck can add a burst of organized color to complement a decorative metal crane standing guard by the garden bed. Our selection of indoor and outdoor accessories includes but is not limited to:

  • Decorative Statues and Figurines: Accent your patio and landscaping features with decorative animals and figures made with outdoor-friendly materials like ceramic and metal.
  • Practical and Ornamental Pots: Keep plants neatly arranged on your porch or as features along a walkway using pots that range from a simple and practical design to eye-pleasing décor.
  • Outdoor Furniture: In order to enjoy your newly enhanced yard space, have a seat and enjoy your morning coffee using outdoor tables and chairs available in our inventory.
  • Signage for your Home: Whether you want something kitschy or heartwarming, a nice wooden sign can personalize your indoor or outdoor space with a message that rings true to you.
  • Other Items: Other knick-knacks and accessories are available at our location, so come on over and peruse our selection.

Add a Personal Touch with Froggy Bottom Materials

Accessorize your space with the selection of at Froggy Bottom Materials. If you have any questions about our products, or you’d like to get started on your next project, give us a call today.

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