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Get Mulch & Pine Straw

The use of pine straw and mulch for landscaping can be beneficial for aesthetics and the health of your gardens and plant life. Pine nuggets are also known as pine bark and work well as a mulch in flower beds, around trees, walkways and paths, and covering landscape beds. Pine straw, or long pine needles, make an excellent ground cover for flower beds and around trees. Both of these can help to prevent weed growth, retain moisture in the soil, and protect plant roots by insulating the soil in cold weather. Froggy Bottom Materials carries these materials for your purchase, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have about them.

Our Wide Selection of Mulch & Pine Straw

Certified Kid Safe Playground Mulch

Wood chips specifically engineered for use in children's' play areas to reduce splintering and cushion falls.

Black Mulch

Hardwood mulch dyed black. Used for ground cover in flower beds or around trees.

Honey Brown Mulch
Honey Brown Mulch

All natural combination of shredded pine and pine nuggets.

Red Mulch

Hardwood mulch dyed red. Used for ground cover in flower beds or around trees.

Dark Brown Mulch

Hardwood mulch dyed dark brown. Used for ground cover in flower beds or around trees.

Mini Pine Nuggets

Also known as Pine Bark. Used as mulch in flower beds or around trees.

Long Needle Pinestraw

Long needle, rolls and bales of pine straw. Used for ground cover in flower beds and around trees.

Mulch Makes a Valuable Ground Cover

Pine mulch and other mulches are an effective way to retain moisture and prevent weeds, but pine, in particular, has certain additional benefits. Soil does not become dense or compacted because pine mulch has the useful quality of letting the soil breathe. When pine mulch decomposes, it releases nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, and nitrogen that feeds plants by seeping into the soil. It’s also a valuable ground cover for its ability to help protect against hard weather conditions like intense summer heat. If you’d like to know about our mulches and materials, or you have a project that calls for pine straw, pine nuggets, or another type of mulch, contact Froggy Bottom Materials today!

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