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What is Super soil?

We have been making our supersoil for 20 years, it is a cotton gin compost base with aged mulch and lawn sand. It is an excellent option for ground planting.

Can Froggy Bottom help me with my driveway?

FB offers chain spreading for driveways. If the truck can raise the bed and safely drive, the rock will pour out of the back and create your driveway. This saves you from having to spread the rock or rent or borrow equipment to spread the rock. The most popular driveway materials are 3/4 crushed limestone, #67 limestone, pea gravel and #67 river rock. Limestone is a gray rock and river rock is a combination of brown, white and copper colors. 

Do we deliver?

Yes, are happy to deliver. We have many trucks to help with all your deliver needs. Give us call today.

What type of soil do I need for my Yard?

FB offers lawn sand ( a clay base sand) white mason sand (professional top dressers say white mason sand is the best for all grasses) straight topsoil (dug from various areas around the river region) and our own sandy topsoil ( a 50/50 blend of topsoil and lawn sand. This blend is more porous, so it helps the root system develop better).

How do we sell our materials?

In general, we sell by the cubic yard (see our conversion chart on website). A cubic yard is an U.S. customary unit of volume, used in the United States. It is defined as the volume of a cube with sides of 1 yard in length.

Can I bring a 5-gallon bucket?

Yes you can or you can purchase one here in the store. We will help you find your perfect product for your lawn, garden, or landscaping product.

How do I determine the amount of soil that I need?

Measure the areas that you will be planting (length, width (front to back), and depth). Enter these values into the Cubic Yard Converter on the Froggy Bottom’s site. This tool will convert your measurements into cubic yards. Cubic Yards is the unit of measurement that the material is sold in. 

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