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Our Wide Selection of Boulders

Boulders are one of the most versatile elements available for any landscape makeover. Not only do landscaping rocks add texture and contrast, but they can be used in numerous ways to improve on the overall function and appearance of any yard by adding structure, contrast and serving as durable ground-cover without requiring much maintenance from the get-go. We offer a wide variety of boulders from basketball size to over 4000 pounds. We can also drill your boulder to create a natural water feature. And yes we do deliver!

Rip Rap . Gabion
Rip Rap vs. Gabion

Left side is Rip Rap
Right side is Gabion
for comparison

LG Rip
Riprap Class 1

Large Limestone used to slow the flow of water in ditches and help reduce erosion in ditches.

Rip Rap Gabion
Riprap Gabion

4-7" irregular shaped limestone for drainage.

Mossy Boulder

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